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Feel your body.

Arise to success.


Feel your body


eeling your body is the single most important thing for you to connect with it.

Connecting with your body means to develop awareness for it and to know that your body is there for your wellbeing. Make your body your anchor, align to who you really are and you will arise to success.

The connection between you and your body is essential to feel, observe and perceive any tensions that you might hold. Whether emotional or physical, subconscious or not.

I want you to be aware and curious to become the best version of yourself.


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Ground yourself and make your body your anchor. Connect with your body to fully feel yourself. Anchor to align.

Align yourself physically and mentally. Understand yourself

and who you truly are.

Align to arise.


Invite your heart to rise to the best version of yourself. Connect and uphold your highest energy.

Arise to success.



Train your body to be successful.

Design your life

for results!

I guide you in getting closer to who you really are deep inside and how

to start walking the path to success:

By training your body to be a successful body, training your mind

to be a successful mind and healing your soul to live the life that you are destined to live.

When you know who you really are, you are all set to design your life for the results that you want to see.

You deserve to be happy.

Why me?

All tested on myself.

I did it and I do it.

100% trust, passion and dedication.

Individual approach.

All levels welcome.

Holistic connection of body, mind and soul.

My contagious Ninaness.

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Design your life for long lasting results.


A gift from my heart to yours.

Bénédicte de B.

What I love about Nina's teachings is that I can trust her 100%. She is detail orientated and treats everyone trustfully and with great respect. I like her soft and delicate manners a lot. And the massage in Savasana is incredible.

I love Nina's yoga classes. It is so relaxing, yet challenging and revitalising at the same time.

Her good mood is truly contagious and I always leave happy, relaxed and satisfied.

Ferdinand S.

Nina has a calming and soft voice, very pleasant. She makes me feel more conscious of my body and teaches me to listen to my mind and soul. If you need guidance about who you really are and how to love yourself, her classes and workshops are for you.

Isabelle S.


'You can only be truly happy when you know who you really are.'

This journey through Latin America brought me onto an inner journey. I reflected, I tuned into my body, I practiced yoga, I meditated. I wanted to understand my body and my mind, I wanted to let go of thought patterns and limiting beliefs that were weighing me down. I wanted to feel light and without fear. I wanted to break free.

I wondered what my purpose of existence was. In Tulum, Mexico I then finally had my breakthrough. I was clear, I felt light, I was happy and for the first time I understood that the universe had sent me signs all along the way, yet I couldn't see it, had I lost connection with who I really was.

At one point, however, I could see it. Yoga had given me so much, so I wanted to give back and I became a yoga teacher. With my coach at the time, I gained so much insight and clarity, I wanted to do just that. I realised that having been on that journey myself, I really wanted to support others on their journey to their true self.

Now, I do exactly that. As Life & Health Strategist, I help you design a life you truly want to live.

My breakthrough

Before my inner journey

I studied business administration specialized on marketing, strategic management and consumer behaviour.

After completing my studies, I started working in the marketing department for one of the biggest cosmetic companies. I changed jobs three years later to realise that this isn't right either. I quit my job and went to an acting school, which showed me just how tense I had become and that I wanted way more out of life. In 2012, I moved to London and worked in a great hotel toiletries company for three years.

My life changed when my 10 year relationship broke. I didn't understand, but I knew I had to reflect on me and my life.

I was in a new relationship rather quickly, and together we did what I was dreaming of for years; we traveled through Latin America. Only a couple of months later this relationship broke, too, somewhere between Peru and Bolivia. I was sad and hurt, yet I knew that this was happening for a reason.

So, I pursued my dream and continued travelling on my own.

About me

MY BLOG: The beginnings

Feel your body.

Arise to success.

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